Guidelines For Sending, Reviewing and Publishing of Research Articles in the «Rossijskoe Pravo. Obrazovanie, Praktika, Nauka» Journal

The journal is open for collaboration with all authors not only form Russia, but also from the all the world (including developing countries). The Editorial board does not reject authors on the ground of their nationality, race, religious and gender identity as well as their political views. Any article can be adopted for publishing if it describes results of the author’s (or authors’) research activity, matches the journal topics (its main rubrics) and the requirements below and also don’t contain any kind of abuse of freedom of expression under the Russian legislation.

ATTENTION! All materials receiving by the editorial board are checked in the Antiplagiat system to prevent plagiarism and self-plagiarism. If the article or its significant part had already been published by the author(s) earlier the editorial board would reject this article without consideration. Insufficient ratio of original text in the article (e.g. if it contains only a compilation of legislation or judicial decisions) or presence of incorrect quoting within the text can serve as a reason for rejection of the article. 


About reviewing the manuscripts. All articles accepted by the Editorial board for conciderattion are subject to compulsory reviewing. Review is performed by a member of the Editorial board of the journal in complience with Double-blind peer-review (reviewer and author don’t know names of each other). Copies of reviews (in Russian) can be sent to author on his/her request. The reviewing process consists of the following stages:

  • Preliminary check of the article (complience with the main topics of the journal, formal requirements; plagiarism control in the Antiplagiat System);
  • Delivering the accepted article to a member of the Editorial board for reviewing;
  • Reviewing the article by a member of the Editorial board in complience with such criterions as relevance, originality and topicality of the article, novelty and practical applicability of results described in the article, strenghts and weaknesses of the work, rightness of quotings. The reviewer formulates a conclusion to recommend the article for publishing or to reject the article or return it to the author(s) for refinement;
  • Informing the author(s) about results of reviewing (on the request);
  • Defining by the Editor-in-Chief the issue of the journal for publishing the article on the base of projected thematic agendas of issues end the editorial policy;
  • Decision of the Editorial board to publish the article in a certain issue of the journal on the base of recommendation of the reviewer and proposals of the editor-in-chief.


Please, before sending the article read the guidelines and requirements below:

  1. For publishing in the «Rossijskoe Pravo. Obrazovanie, Praktika, Nauka» journal research articles, scientific overviews and reviews which were not published before are accepted. These materials should be written under the requirements established in the Appendix 1.
  2. An article must be written in Russian and be sent with an abstract and key words (both in Russian and English) and with a list of bibliography written under the requirements of the State Standard GOST 7.1-2003 — Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. References numbered sequentially throughout must be put in endnotes.
  3. A photographic image(s) of an author (authors) must be attached to an article.
  4. Reviews of research supervisors must be attached to articles of graduate students, master students and post-graduate students.
  5. An article and attaсhed materials must be sent by e-mail to the Editorial office’s address:
  6. The Editorial staff can reject articles that do not comply the requirements established by the Guidelines and Appendixes.
  7. The Editorial staff organizes internal reviewing of all research articles, scientific overviews and reviews received for publishing.
  8. Reviewing is exercised by an Editorial board member, at the request of the Editor-in-chief.
  9. A reviewer must be a recognized specialist in the field of the article (scientific field) and have published his/her own articles in this field during the last three years.
  10. In a review relevance of the article, its research novelty and significance, its strengths and weaknesses and compliance with the established requirements (including the formal requirements) must be reflected. Also a review must contain a proposal to publish or to reject the article.
  11. All reviews are considered by the Editorial board which under proposals of reviews recommends articles for publishing or rejects them.
  12. The author(s) of an article are informed on the results of its reviewing.
  13. In case of rejection of an article an author can improve it to correct the errors pointed out by a reviewer and can send it to the Editorial office again.
  14. Reviews are stored by the Editorial staff for 5 years. Copies of reviews can be rendered to author(s) of the article at his/her/their request and also to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation at the request.
  15. The issue of the journal to publish an article is decided by the Editorial staff on the basis of themes of issues. The information about it can be provided for author(s) at his/her/their request.
  16. An article is subjected to proofreading and editing without of changing the meaning of the article. At the discretion of the Editorial staff the article can be reduced.
  17. Before launching of the issue an author must deliver an exclusive license of the article sent for publishing to the Publisher.
  18. The Editorial staff can post published articles at its discretion on the website of the Journal, on the eLIBRARY.RU Internet platform, on other Internet platforms with research information preserving the authorship.
  19. All articles delivered by authors are published at no charge (no submission charges and procession charges) . The Editorial staff rejects offers to publish (including urgent) paid articles.
  20. The Editorial staff does not pay fees to authors.
  21. By delivering the article to the Editorial office for publishing, the author:

— gives consent to the Editorial staff to publish the article in the «Rossijskoe Pravo. Obrazovanie, Praktika, Nauka» journal, to post the article on the website of the Journal, on the eLIBRARY.RU Internet platform, on other Internet platforms with research information, to indexation of the article in the Russian Science Citation Index and other systems of citation;

— confirms that he/she is the author of the article and has an exclusive license to the article (including its parts) and that the article follows the rules for quoting and ethical principles of adoption of information;

— gives consent to proofreading and editing the text and reduction of the article at the Editorial staff’s discretion with maintenance of its main meaning;

— delivers exclusive license of the article to the Ural State Law University;

— confirms that he/she is the author and the rights holder of the photographic image (s) attached to the article (or points out the author(s)) and gives the right (non-exclusive license) to use the image (s) under Chapter IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and consent to use his/her image under Article 152.1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.


Appendix 1.


To Articles for the «Rossijskoe Pravo. Obrazovanie, Praktika, Nauka»  Journal


  1. The «Rossijskoe Pravo. Obrazovanie, Praktika, Nauka» journal accepts copyrighted materials written in Russian and corresponded to the matters of the Journal (research articles, reviews, scientific overviews, other materials).
  2. The original text of the material must be typed in the Microsoft Word text processor (or similar processors) with extensions .doc or .rtf. The technical requirements are the following: Times New Roman font family, size 14, 1.5 spaced. Margins – 20 mm., autoindent 25.
  3. The total volume of an article should be up to 20 pages in length (students’ and post-graduate students’ articles – up to 10 pages in length).
  4. A file with the article must include in Russian and English:
  • title of the article,
  • first name, middle name and last name of the author(s)
  • place (s) of work/study of the author(s), occupied position or status;
  • scientific degree and/or scientific rank (title) of each of author;
  • key words (5-7);
  • abstract (3-5 sentences).
  1. A letter must be attached to the article. This letter must contain the following information (about each author):
  • First name, middle name, last name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Passport details;
  • Place of work, occupied position, scientific degree, scientific rank (title);
  • Address and postal address;
  • Telephone number;
  • E-mail

Photographic image (s) of each authors (not less than 300 dpi) must be attached to the article. Reviews of scientific supervisors must be attached to articles of graduate students and post-graduate students.

  1. The Editorial board organizes reviewing of received articles and has right to publish the article or to return it to author(s) for improving. Also the Editorial staff can proofreads and edits texts of materials (including titles and abstracts) with maintenance of the main meaning of the material.
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